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Recent Projects

Screenshot of GIS-based mapping tool that allows users to explore key South Puget Sound attributes

Environment | Collaborative Processes

Alliance for a Healthy South Sound: The South Sound Strategy

Ross Strategic and Environmental Science Associates (ESA) worked with technical staff from tribes, local governments, and NGOs in South Puget Sound to develop the South Sound Strategy. The Strategy consists of two elements. The first element compiles existing data, strategies, and ongoing/planned local activities (habitat restoration, protection, outreach and others) under six ecosystem focus areas for an overall picture of South Puget Sound. It introduces pressures, data gaps, and restoration/recovery targets for key ecosystem indicators. The second element is an online GIS-based mapping tool that allows users to explore key South Puget Sound attributes.

Forest & Community Resiliency Roundtable

Natural Resources | Collaborative Processes

Forest & Community Resiliency Roundtable

Working with The Nature Conservancy in Washington State, Ross Strategic has brought together a diverse group state and federal agencies, forest collaboratives, landowners, timber industry, mill operators, environmental non-profits, and community groups to speak with one voice in support of collaborative, locally-driven large landscape projects that improve forest health and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. With support from Ross Strategic, the Forest & Community Resiliency Roundtable has come together around shared principals, a 2017 advocacy agenda, and is now thinking beyond the 2017 Washington State legislative session.

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Environment | Collaborative Processes

Ross Supports Water Sector Organizations in Development and Re-Release of Effective Utility Management Primer

In January 2017, EPA and ten other water sector associations and research foundations released an updated version of the Effective Utility Management (EUM) Primer, which was originally released in June 2008. EUM is a widely-recognized water utility management program, which helps utilities protect their infrastructure investments and plan for the future. Water utilities provide vital services that protect public health and support the vitality of communities, the natural environment, and the economy; Effective Utility Management supports them in this critical work.

At Ross Strategic we take on the hardest environmental, public health, transportation, energy, and natural resource challenges. Our clients trust us to use information and insight to shape strategy, design programs and policies, and evaluate performance. We look forward to the opportunity to do the same for your organization.

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Ross Strategic assists government agencies and their partners to identify and pursue strategic opportunities to advance energy efficiency and clean energy development. We are building catalytic networks of organizations working on innovative approaches to scale energy efficiency and clean energy activity in the U.S. and internationally.

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Ross Strategic has deep experience helping clients manage the complex challenges related to environmental issues. We provide analytic, stakeholder process management, strategy development, and facilitation support to help clients respond boldly, creatively, and effectively to their challenges.

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Natural Resources

Ross Strategic has the knowledge and experience to address complex natural resources issues such as protection and restoration of endangered species, development of watershed strategies, and policies to protect coastal areas and forests. We work with a range of partners and disciplines to tackle challenging problems bounded by natural features, but needing political solutions.

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Public Health

Ross Strategic supports agencies addressing public health issues and tracking and organizing environmental and health information. We understand the array of potential contaminants in air, water, food, and waste, and human health outcomes that may result from exposure to these contaminants and other environmental conditions such as changing climate.

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Ross Strategic has expertise in urban and land use planning, growth management, transportation planning, green building and design, and other related fields that support sustainable infrastructure and approaches to improve the quality of life. We work on projects that address smart growth needs and solutions from a variety of perspectives, including incorporation of climate change considerations in development of growth management policies as well as transportation planning, development of indicators for land use and state of environment reporting.