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Tim Larson


Ross Strategic Is Pleased to Announce Our New President, Tim Larson

The Ross Strategic ownership team is pleased to announce that Tim Larson has stepped in for our long-time President, Bill Ross. Tim has been an owner at Ross Strategic since 2005, and most recently has been responsible for growing our significant evaluation, learning, and strategy practice and working with government clients and private foundations. He also anchors our office in Austin, Texas. Bill remains an integral part of the business providing guidance, advice, and insights to clients and working part-time as he eases towards retirement. The Ross ownership team is excited to continue leading the firm, supporting our exceptional staff, and providing great service on the significant issues of the day for our wonderful clients.

Alliance for a Healthy South Sound

Environment | Collaborative Processes

Alliance for a Healthy South Sound

Ross Strategic is the lead coordinator for the Alliance for a Healthy South Sound (AHSS). AHSS is a coalition of local governments, non-profits, tribes, and businesses that supports coordinated and collaborative decision-making aimed at restoring and protecting the ecological and socio-economic health of South Puget Sound. Ross Strategic provides administrative, facilitation, and coordination capacity in support of the AHSS mission. Ross Strategic is also currently working with AHSS members to develop a comprehensive South Sound Strategy which will serve as a basis for restoration and protection efforts throughout the marine waters, watersheds, and upland areas of southern Puget Sound.

Reducing Mold and Dampness in Buildings cover

Public Health | Policy Analysis

Reducing Mold and Dampness in Buildings

Following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the extensive spread of mold rendered homes and buildings uninhabitable due to health concerns such as asthma and other respiratory diseases. Ross Strategic recently completed a comprehensive report for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) that updates the science linking mold and dampness to respiratory health, describes mold-relevant laws and building codes in five Sandy-stricken states, and includes three case studies on state and local strategies to implement policies that limit harmful exposure. The report will assist CDC and public health practitioners in strengthening current guidance and recommendations for reducing indoor mold and dampness.

At Ross Strategic we take on the hardest environmental, public health, transportation, energy, and natural resource challenges. Our clients trust us to use information and insight to shape strategy, design programs and policies, and evaluate performance. We look forward to the opportunity to do the same for your organization.

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Ross Strategic assists government agencies and their partners to identify and pursue strategic opportunities to advance energy efficiency and clean energy development. We are building catalytic networks of organizations working on innovative approaches to scale energy efficiency and clean energy activity in the U.S. and internationally.

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Ross Strategic has deep experience helping clients manage the complex challenges related to environmental issues. We provide analytic, stakeholder process management, strategy development, and facilitation support to help clients respond boldly, creatively, and effectively to their challenges.

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Natural Resources

Ross Strategic has the knowledge and experience to address complex natural resources issues such as protection and restoration of endangered species, development of watershed strategies, and policies to protect coastal areas and forests. We work with a range of partners and disciplines to tackle challenging problems bounded by natural features, but needing political solutions.

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Public Health

Ross Strategic supports agencies addressing public health issues and tracking and organizing environmental and health information. We understand the array of potential contaminants in air, water, food, and waste, and human health outcomes that may result from exposure to these contaminants and other environmental conditions such as changing climate.

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Ross Strategic has expertise in urban and land use planning, growth management, transportation planning, green building and design, and other related fields that support sustainable infrastructure and approaches to improve the quality of life. We work on projects that address smart growth needs and solutions from a variety of perspectives, including incorporation of climate change considerations in development of growth management policies as well as transportation planning, development of indicators for land use and state of environment reporting.